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What is the truth about the truth?

So, what is the truth about the truth?

Truth can save you, break you up or wake you up but is telling the truth always worth it? Let me tell you a little story about the three truths and then figure it out for yourself….

There was once a beautiful, green village which was ruled by harmony. But that was long, long ago. Then came a day that saw the village split into three truths, and from that time forward the three little villages were ruled by three separate truths. The three truths were named Break-me, Wake-me and Save-me.

Long ago, when they were all little triplets, the truths played joyfully with people’s lives in one big, harmonious village. That was the time when their mother, Great Harmony, ruled the village.

One day, the daughter truths argued about which of them was most important. Break-me said: I am the most important of us all because I wake the people up so they can know the truth of life. I am straightforward, honest to the core and enable people to see all that is real.

Then Save-me said: Break-me – you are too harsh and too bold; you may hurt people and then they may never recover. I am delicate and let people rest. I hold back the whole truth so people can live happily within bubbles of illusion, as I don’t think they need to know everything. I tell them what they need to live happily but with no hurt or harm.

Then the third sister, Wake-me, said: you both are too naïve about who you are. Break-me, you destroy people’s lives by arriving too early – you have no sense of empathy for people. You come in, ruin lives and lave thoughtlessly elsewhere, as if their hearts don’t matter. Save-me, you are very far from our nature and what we were born to do. You are too shy, too insecure and far away from our purpose. You are both, in fact, useless.

Save-me responded: you both overestimate the good that you do. Bold truth, naked truth, harsh truth – you are too loud and don’t know how to compose yourselves to bring the benefits of us to the people. I can no longer walk together with you since we have different purposes. I think we should go our separate ways and each rule in different villages rather than working together.

Their mother, Great Harmony, did not interfere and let them run the villages separately until that one day.

On that day, they all realised that ruling with only one truth plunged the villages into chaos.

The three sisters felt lost in their minds and left the villages. Their mother, Harmony, who was overlooking the villages from a distance, saw her daughters’ struggles and thought: Now I’ll teach these girls a lesson. With her great powers, Harmony laid three paths from each of the villages, through the forest to one circle in the middle.

The three truths were wandering through the forest, lost and lonely, thinking about how to bring peace to the villages they had left behind – with no truth at all. The villages were in complete confusion.

Eventually they all came to the circle, and Harmony said: I brought you three to life to bring happiness, prosperity and growth to the people who live in the villages nearby. You argued, divided and ruled the villages by your own ways of truth. Now, years later, you have left the villages in chaos, muddle and confusion. None of you can work alone. I need you all to re-unite in harmony and use your powers for the good of the people. You three must work together and decide which one of you is most needed at any given time. You need to come in seasons so all the colours of life are visible to people.

You are like three seasons of nature: Break-me you are like autumn; harsh, ugly with rainy tears. You make people leave all that’s behind them and what isn’t serving them anymore. Save-me, you are like the winter – cold but calm, and hiding its nature in order to rest, preparing for renewal. Wake-me, you are like the spring, getting people ready to be re-born. When the three of you work together the summer lasts in people’s lives, the sun comes, warms their hearts, sets their vision and gives them moments to enjoy. But, like the nature of life which we are all to serve, the summer will end too. And so, the cycle continues.

The three of you are needed in people’s lives, but in harmony together, each one at the right time. Now to bring me, your mother to the villages again, you need to go to each village together and start re-building everything you’ve destroyed. Then the chaos will end, the summer will come to each village and the powerful cycle of nature will continue.

My daughter truths – each of you are different and possess incredible powers but remember you’re not the only one. You are like the seasons in nature that exist for a reason.

The three truths listened to their mother, went back to the villages they’d left in chaos, and worked together to bring the full cycle of life back to the people.

So, what is the truth about your truth?

What is the truth you are living in now? What if the freeze happens? What will lead you forward?

What’s the purpose? I'll leave you to it to ponder!

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"I love writing about life questions, finding answers through stories, people, moments and memories- get inspired even more with Dreamford story on how the village recovered from the Freeze."

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