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Why am I writing stories?

Simply because it's soo much fun! Writing stories is like coming into new reality, when you create new world and enter it safely for a minute or two or a bit longer. Stories were always with me. My grandma was a super creative woman, always ready to tell me and my cousins good-night stories. My favourite was about “Tomcio Paluszek” (.PL) which means Little Tommy. Tommy was wandering around the forest and lost his way… another storyteller was my dad… reading us stories about Mr Goat traveling to his dream city “Pacanow”. My dad always recalls that I would not go to sleep until he read me the story again and again… so here are I am, adult me, now writing stories and making things up out of blue.. let’s see how this one goes!

September 29, 2019

I know, I wasn't here for a while...It’s Autumn so why not tell a little story?

Let me tell you the story of a young dreamer...

It was early spring and the young dreamer went to a beautiful park where all the flowers and trees were just waking up and butterflies were dan...

December 28, 2018

Everything I did in 2018 I dedicate to my sister. Last year we waved goodbye to 2017, December 31st climbing Villarrica in Chile. Such a touristy thing to do!

Today, when the year nearly ends… I dedicate all I did in 2018 to my darling sister… my book of course.. and ma...

November 11, 2018

If you could do that one thing that you have been thinking of for a long, long time, why would you not start? Comfort? Fear? Procrastination? Something else?

October 20, 2018

Have you ever wondered why some people make it into creative dreamland? Hmm, let me tell you a little story about Joe and his journey to Dreamford.

Joe’s dream was to get to the city of Dreamford. In Dreamford everybody’s dreams become reality and people live happily ev...

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