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About Me

I'm a writer and abstract artist, originally from Poland, who relocated to the UK in 2006. London has been an inspiring place for my creative journey, providing ample space for artistic souls to thrive. It was here that I first began to believe in myself and my creative abilities. Creativity has always been an integral part of my being, and one day, I decided to channel it beyond my corporate career, answering an inner calling. I've self-published two books and ventured into the world of abstract art.

At my core, I am a feminist, and I'm passionate about infusing my art and writing with this ethos. This commitment led me to dedicate my second book, "The Sacred Mountains," to the exploration of female intuition and the transformative power of answering one's inner call, which I refer to in my book as "your mountain."

My Art & Creative Endeavors

I firmly believe that the feminine spirit is reawakening in our current times. Both my recent book and my art are vehicles for expressing this belief. My writing is for women, my art is for women, and for the world to immerse itself in the feminine aspects of our existence. I have faith that by balancing the masculine and feminine energies in the world, we can find a path to peace and happiness—a world in equilibrium.

Throughout my creative journey, my mission has been to create space for more women in the realm of art, literature, and as heroines of their own narratives, embracing their innate powers and wisdom. "The Sacred Mountains" aims to portray the wisdom inherent in female intuition and the journey of answering the call of a creative soul.

Centuries ago, the resonance of this wisdom was so potent that it instilled fear in some, leading to the persecution and burning of women at the stake. The earthly wisdom of women reverberated so loudly in their ears that it had to be silenced, reduced to ashes. Ironically, this wisdom must have been incredibly profound for them to believe that only fire could extinguish it, or so they thought at the time. Yet, to my amazement, after centuries of suppressing knowledge and our feminine instincts, it appears their efforts have fallen short. The witches are rising from the ashes, and feminine wisdom, intuition, and warmth are reclaiming their power and their rightful place in the world.

My art and my recent book embody these ideas. My art is a conscious effort to bring the feminine essence into your living spaces, whether you are a man or a woman, because both genders benefit from it, and the world is in dire need of it. I hope that my art can serve as a conduit for bringing positive energy into your surroundings.

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