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About Me

Whatever your reason is to visit here today  thanks for popping in.

I love living,  creating my life and sharing my discoveries.


I believe that humans are integral part of the universe and the mother nature. And the nature of universe is to create. Creating is happening via the need,  change and challenge. Therefore as we live we create the life around us.


As we are being integral part of the glorious universe we are connected to each other,  one or other way. We build wider communities and then societies therefore to be able to enrich our earthy living- we share so we can grow. We learn from one another.


And this is why I created my website. To share what I’ve learnt from my life journey and with the aim in mind to influence others in creating beautiful, happy lifestyles.  

Why I chose Growth, Travel and Get Inspired as my sharing subjects?


Hover over to each tab to find out.

Thanks & Happy reading.

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Kinga Szumska

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