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The colour purple. The lavender fields story. Travel Tasmania through lavender and vineyards fields.

The lessons from travelling are countless. As I am on my journey across Australia, I discovered beautiful lavender fields right at the end of the world – what I call the mystic island of Tasmania. Tasmania is located 30 hours flight travel from London. As you travel the world, you realise how much magic it holds. Looking at its grandeur, it fulfils you with the hope that the good spirits own the world and that, in spite of all people are good at hearts.

If you’d like to visit Lavender fields & wineries in Tasmania, I’d recommend three places which I visited:

1) It’s the Lavender House Perfumery. This is a small farm run by a couple with big hearts! It’s a short journey from Launceston. I recommend you fly to Launceston – to start your journey in Tasmania. You can have a lovely walk around there. The couple who runs the farm is super welcoming and very chatty. They produce lavender products all by themselves! When I got there, I was welcomed by a lovely lady who shared a bit of their story about how she and her chemist husband ended up cultivating lavender in Tasmania. Because the fields are not massive here, it’s not a very touristy place. Therefore you can enjoy an honest conversation with the owners and have a free lesson about cultivating lavender first-hand! You can get lovely local products there, so I’d recommend visiting just before you go to the next lavender fields.

Lavender House Perfumery, Tasmania
Lavender House Perfumery, Tasmania

2) If you like wine & if you have time – there are lovely wineries around here. If you have an additional driver with you and you can benefit from some wine tastings around here. Just 3 mins drive from the Lavender perfumery are a couple of wineries. I’d recommend visiting the Holm Oak vineyard. You can get some wine tasting and a cheeseboard for your early lunch. The views are truly stunning, and it’s a nice rest from your road trip.

Holm Oak Vineyard, Tasmania
Holm Oak Vineyard, Tasmania

3) The third place is just an hour’s drive from the Lavender House and Holm Oak vineyard. It’s the most beautiful place I have seen so far on my travel across Australia. This is the Bridestowe Lavender Estate. It is a very popular destination in Tasmania and a very, very touristy place, so I recommended the cosy farm first. However, here the lavender fields run up to the horizon, and you can take the most amazing photos here. If you are a lady, I’d recommend dressing in your flowery dress and indulging yourself in a lovely picture session. I’d recommend you leave Launceston around 7 am – as I left around 10 and got here around 3 pm, which was quite late. This is because the views as you drive across Tasmania are stunning. That’s why you either want to stop or have a slow drive! The Bridestowe Lavender Estate is very welcoming but you also pay an entry free of $20 to enter the estate. There is a lovely cafe where you can have a snack, and you must try lavender hot chocolate! Then you can walk around for an hour or more around the fields. You will absolutely love it. As you end up your walk there is an ice creamery where you can sit on a bench enjoying lavender ice cream (get a large one) and listen to local live country music. I got lucky, and there was a man playing live guitar. This is such a beautiful day plan.

Lavender fields, The Bridestowe Estate, Tasmania
The Bridestowe Estate, Tasmania

4) From there, you can drive back to Launceston or do what I did and have a lovely 3-4 hour drive to Hobart. The drive is super easy and also takes you through the beautiful countryside.

When I saw the lavender fields that led almost up to the horizon – it was total bliss, awe, and enchantment. It felt like a piece of magic was pouring into my soul through this beauty that nature created. This was just as I imagined it and placed the main character of “The Sacred Mountains" – Lola in between the lavender fields.

The Sacred Mountains is a story about a journey, life, struggles, goals, imagination and creativity. It seems like quite a few concepts are in there! So have a little snapshot of this:

“She walked with the curiosity of a traveller discovering new places, new ways of living, new orders of life that people can have. The village was constructed somehow up the hill and in the middle there was a path paved with white stones going up through the village. Lola followed it, all alone just as Strena advised. As she walked up the path and through the village, her mountain was still ahead of her. The white path took her to the gates leading into the farming fields. As the path ended Lola opened the wooden gate and walked through. The fields were in all imaginable colours. At her feet fields of purple lavender led up to the horizon, next to them were fields of yellow St John’s wort, then fields of camomile flowers, pink echinacea, lemon balm, mint and so on and so on – herbs she’d never seen before.

Lola stood there for a moment, astonished by all the colours that nature could produce. The mix of flowers and plants and magical colours was something she had never seen before. Her eyes widened, and she said out loud to the world, 'Wow, this is sooo magical, I knew herbs and flowers before but I could have never imagined this. How can humans ever design such beauty?'”

Enjoy life, Stay happy and carry on!

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