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How do we welcome creative living into our lives?

Have you ever wondered why some people make it into creative dreamland? Hmm, let me tell you a little story about Joe and his journey to Dreamford.

Joe’s dream was to get to the city of Dreamford. In Dreamford everybody’s dreams become reality and people live happily ever after.

Once, a lady called Idea knocked at Joe’s door and shouted: ‘Anybody there?’ Silence. Idea felt ignored, as even Echo did not bother to respond. But Idea was stubborn and tried again, at the weekend. She thought, ‘Maybe Joe will be there to welcome me this time, as it’s a weekend.’ So she knocked on Joe’s door. Joe shouted: ‘Who is it?’ Idea responded: ‘It’s me – the Great Idea!’

Joe said: ‘You’re bothering me on a weekend. I need to rest now. Can you visit again?’

Idea got upset, as this was the second time she had been rejected. She said: ‘It’s the second time I’ve come. I came during the week but you didn’t open the door.’

‘Sorry Idea, I was busy,’ said Joe. ‘I’m so busy, I’ve no time for random visitors.’ Idea said: ‘But I’ve heard you’d like to get to Dreamford. My friend Motivation asked me to visit you and show you the way. I thought I’d be welcome. Motivation said you were ready for me to visit.’

Joe said: ‘Yes, but not today. Please come another day.’

Idea was upset. She went back to her friend Motivation and said: ‘You told me that Joe was ready for me; you told me that you are a frequent visitor.’ Motivation said: ‘Yes, I visit Joe often, and he really gets on well with me. He always seems to me to be ready for the journey to Dreamford.’ Idea said: ‘Well, he wasn’t. Next time – if I feel like visiting again! – make sure you’re already there, waiting with a cup of tea and a red carpet for me.

Motivation got upset that Joe had treated her friend Idea in this way. Motivation went to Joe and said: ‘What the hell are you doing, man?’

‘My friend Idea is well known in the city of Dreamford; she also knows others who can help you to get there. But she needs to see your commitment to host her in your life. When she visited you, you let her go.’

Joe said: ‘Sorry Motivation. You’re a great friend and you get me to do many great things in life. But I’m not sure if the city of Dreamford is right for me. I’m not sure if I want to walk that way. You told me how demanding your friend Idea is, how much effort I’ll need to put into my journey to Dreamford and how many compromises I’ll need to make.’

Motivation knew Joe well; she knew that Joe was worth it. Her intuition was telling her that Joe had had another visitor just after Idea had come to visit the first time. Motivation said to Joe: ‘Hey man, don’t you give me this cheap excuse. Let me guess: did your mate Fear visit you recently? I told you not to hang out with him. I told you that Courage, the king of the city of Dreamford, closed his doors to Fear and his friends. You need to choose who you want to hang out with...

So listen to this:

The first step for getting to Dreamford is to welcome Idea into your home and heart. Make her a nice cup of tea, make sure she’s comfortable so she will visit you again. If you welcome Idea with smile, she’ll bring her best friends with her: Curiosity, Opportunity and Eureka! When Opportunity feels comfortable in your home, she’ll bring her friends Joy and Confidence. Finally, when all Idea’s friends feel that you are worth their trust and are ready to go all the way, they will show you the way forward. Then, when you’re on your way with Idea’s friends and your full commitment, Courage will open the door to his kingdom, the city of Dreamford.’

Then, Motivation left Joe and he promised to have a think about whether he really wanted to get to Dreamford.

Just as for Joe, somewhere out there are the ideas which are waiting for you to be ready. Get up from the sofa and start doing something. Start small, start stupid, start ridiculous. As I wrote in the previous post:

Start. Start small. Try. Fun-test it. Start somewhere. Just like that. Start with something small. Try. Write the title if you can’t write the whole book. Make that video, or open iMovie at least. Book that trip, or at get a map, at least. Visit that city, or at least go somewhere. Paint that painting, or at least buy the canvas. Sign up for that course, or at least attend a taster session. Time will pass quickly. Whether you do it or you don’t, you’ll get older. You’ll ask yourself why you haven’t started yet... More people will tell you that your idea is rubbish and so you’ll keep getting older, more disappointed that you haven’t yet started.

Somewhere out there are the ideas, waiting for you to let them into your life. I promise! Open the door and carry on. :-)


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