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The Idea which I met down the road..

I opened my junk email. GoDaddy renewals inform me about notice of the domain renewal. OMG!!! It's been a year!!!

I built my blog over couple of weekends last summer. For fun. To try it. I wanted to see how it goes long ago... I missed 2 maybe 3 Summers before. I have missed dozens of weekends. My sister was nagging me: “have you bought the domain yet?” I was making excuses as creatively as I possibly could. But one day, I bought that domain and decided just to see how the website works. Curiosity got hungry and it liked the taste of "doing something new". As the hunger grew, out of sudden, something went online. I drafted the first blog.

Start. Start small. Try. Fun-test it. Start somewhere. Just like that. Start with something small. Try. Write the title if you can’t write the whole book. Do this video or open iMovie at least. Book that trip or at get a map, at least. Change that city, or at least visit somewhere else. Paint that painting, or at least buy the canvas. Sign up for that course, or at least attend a taster session. Time will pass quickly. Whether you do it or you don’t. You'll get older. You'll ask yourself why you have not started yet... more people will tell you that your idea is rubbish.. or will use more sophisticated words to discourage you. But when you start small with a tiny step, you’re still the one step closer. And the next day, next week, next month…next year, you’ll see how far you’ve gone.

Try-it. Fun-test it.

And if it does not work out, at least you know it. You're one idea smarter. You have one idea crossed off your list. You’ll move on to the next hanging idea, to the next road, next "maybe". And so you carry on.

Try it, even if it turns out that you don't want to go all the way, you're closer to the right idea, which is waiting somewhere... misplaced, forgotten, or under the dust.

Do it. Do it more. Try. Try more. Try something else.

Somewhere out there are the ideas which are waiting for you to be ready. You'll meet them down the road.

Ps. Thanks to my very first subscribers... darling sister… and thanks to the 2nd.. Aga… and thanks to the rest... for signing up… and thanks for staying on the list regardless of GDPR :P and my randomly timed posts. :* and thanks for FB likes. even the one or two means a lot. and to those who visited and never came back. thanks for popping in.

Pic taken on my Peru trip. Peru rail. Once of the best train journeys ever.

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