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Love your ideas.

Ideas are picky. The come to you for a reason or a season but never stay for a lifetime. They like to be nourished and hugged. If you forget about them, misplace or neglect you’re in trouble. Ideas have a character and may have a whim not to visit you any soon. They will try to find a better friend who will appreciate their visit and give them an action. Actions power and feed ideas, actions are the ideas’ best friends. If your happy ideas see the actions- they will double and triple, they will call their cousins ideas, children ideas, aunts ideas etc. They will fly towards you. Actions feeds ideas. It’s just same way how humans get fed by good food, ideas get fed by action.

So what are you waiting for?

Hug your ideas… or at least: WRITE THEM DOWN.

Be their friends: PUT THEM TO ACTION.

Tell them they are welcomed: SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH FRIENDS.

Creativity will flow. Love life.



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I love living,  creating my life and sharing my discoveries. I am qualified performance coach, certified CIPD trainer, toastmaster speaker,  contemporary artist ,  talent hunter AND author of the inspirational self-published book- > "Dreamford". Thanks for popping in! :-)


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