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One CV advice for life..

Where to seek the ideal CV advice? How to write the best CV?

As a Talent Hunter and former career’s advisor- I’ll give you the most honest of all possible answers: there is no perfect CV advise. And now, I will tell you why from recruiter’s perspective CV advises are so different one from another.

Recruiter’s perspective:

  • Every recruiter is different equals everyone is looking at CV’s differently.

  • Every hiring manager is different- again, one may like your CV and one may just not.

  • Some recruiters, as people in general, have good and bad days- equals no perfect advise possible.

  • If your skillset is very unique you’re done anyways, and no CV advise needed.


There are some bits and bobs that you can work on and this is the below:

CV writing universal do’s and don’ts:

  • Always list your met targets, projects delivered with numbers ( where possible) etc rather than “delivering projects…”, “meeting targets”...

  • Any employer’s or professional rewards will add value to your content.

  • Your intro: “personal profile” if you decide to copy and paste just because you think “personal profile” is just something you should have- it’s a waste of yours and recruiters’ time. If you’d like to add this part -> make it personal, a 1-2 sentences statement that ACTUALLY say something unique about you is OK.

  • Hobbies? Well, if they are unique and give a glimpse of who you are as an individual-> yes->personally I am big fan of people who have interests and hobbies. But again, if you’re going to put things like “socialising with friends, reading, music"… then again- > it’s a waste of your and recruiter’s time.

  • Have it neat and tidy- always helps, 2 pages MAX!

  • Make it easy to read, use standard font (times new roman, calibri, cambria are nice (to me)

  • Pleaaaase don’t try to make it funky with visuals- majority of the times it make it ugly and difficult to read ( as people have different tastes)

  • Picture? If you must… PROFESSIONAL HEAD SHOT ONLY… I know, it’s standard in some European countries to put a picture.. in the UK I’d say… only if you must!

  • Feel free to add LinkedIn profile-> why? Recruiter may look it up- and if you have great content, endorsements and references it may be of help

  • Never add facebook, (unless it’s a page that you run-> you’re an artist, freelancer or so with professional content)

Best CV advise you can ever get?

I’ll repeat one more time my motto:

  • Become an expert, master your skills, leave big shoes to fill, someone will find you! :-)

  • Get headhunted instead of thinking “how can I get a new job?”

  • Get the skills ahead- what it means is to train yourself and get experience needed to do the next job, example? Let’s say you want to lead people- you don’t wait until you get that promotion and learn on the job- you sign up for workshops, set up your own meet-ups and learn the skills you need to be ready when the opportunity comes.

  • Have a great LinkedIn profile and keep updating it- if you get that amazing recruiter’s InMail saying “I’d like to speak with you..” you can quickly PDF your LinkedIn content.

  • Last and best advise: again, work until you don’t have to look for work.

If you’d like something specific for me to write on in regards to the above.. please drop me an email on happynews@kinga.blog



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