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When people tell me.. 3x

Lesson 1.

When people tell me that they succeeded and did not fail I simply do not trust them. There is no success without failure. People who succeed are those who fail the most. Because they try the most. I admire people who keep trying, even if it does not work out. I admire the perseverance despite of all the negative comments and lack of support from so called friends and “advisors” who more likely do not have goals at all. Jack Canfield wrote in his book “Principles of Success” – fail means First Action In Learning. I loved that explanation of the word fail. To keep going we just need to continue learning. We often bit ourselves up for the lessons of learning. Hey! Cheer. At least you have tired. You gave it a go. Now, go and have some ice cream. Cheer up and start again.

It’s ok if things don’t work out or when we need to try again or change direction. At the end of the day it’s all about the stops on our journey and not the final destinations. So, the next time, things don’t work out, learn new skill, master your craft, you’ll get there. And if you fall again, have a lie, then get up when you feel ready.. and simply start again.

Lesson 2.

When people tell me that they work, overwork themselves and don’t stop I don’t trust them either. Recovery and rest is part of the journey. To create you need to re-charge, re-think, reflect on where you are, where you managed to get to. To create you need to have a space for the magic to keep happennig.

I like to connect my examples to the way the earth works. My grandfather had a farm. What he did with his fields every year was to give the fields and soil a chance to rest and regenerate. He alternated the fields he was sowing each year. He left every other field each 3rd year to rest. The soil to produce amazing vegetables and grains needed to rest. One year he would plant – plant number 1, year two plant number 2 and 3rd year he would leave it to grow wild. In the year 3 the soil had the time to rest, and fill itself with the minerals it would be needed next season to produce. Fields without a year of rest would eventually run out of the minerals needed to produce good vegetables. Of course- in the mass production the corporations add loads of fertilizers to continue the fake growth – but it’s not the natural way of how the earth were designed.

Humans are part of the earth and I trust we fall under the same laws as the mother earth. We need to rest- to recharge and invigorate with the vital ingredients to be able to create again.

To be able to create we need to feel great, be happy, have space in our brains for the new ideas to visit us.

Lesson 3.

When people tell me I can’t do it- I simply don’t care anymore. They judge my horizon by their own road and capabilities. Someone once said.. “If you think you can, then you can. And if you think you can’t you are also right”. You know the story when the puma talks to a hawk?

They were talking about hunting techniques. They were both having lunch and having a chit chat about their hunting achievements. Puma said proudly to the hawk: your hunt is so small- you should start running so you can hunt for bigger animals. Hawk looked at puma and said: you should start flying so you can hunt many more little animls. – It’s good for your diet! Gotha? Both had different skills set and both judged one another by their own horizon, skills and talents. My talent is not yours and likewise.

Do what you can, how you can.

What’s the moral?

Walk with your own pace, fall and get up, because if you can, you can.

You keep trying, you keep crying,.. then you scream and finally you win! :)



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