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Bright up the road.

Another Thursday evening. I am glad it’s Thursday, nearly the end of the week. I enjoy my day-to-day 9-5 job and love what I do. But as every human being I do get tired. In the evening after 6pm the only thing I want to do is to leave the office, go home, and do something easy, chill. Yet, I can’t. My ambitions and the plan I have for my life – signed me up a while ago for Toastmasters club-Public Speaking Academy. Every Thursday at 6pm it’s my personal struggle… am I going to the club? Or… am I going home.. to watch Netflix… My ambitious ghost on my shoulder is telling me: go…. But my kid ghost on the other shoulder is telling me “you’re tired, you deserve a break.. just go home… there will be another Thursday evening….”

Every week. Thursday 6pm. I struggle with my decision. On average, Londoners go to pub on Thursday evening… and not to bloody Public Speaking Club!

Every week. Thursday 6pm. I make a decision. The result is that sometimes I go home. And SOMETIMES I go to the club.

AND WHEN I GO…. The magic happen. Our Club lifts me up. It’s full of amazing energy people. People who spend their Thursday evening on fighting the fear of public speaking. People who go voluntarily, speak, and encourage others to better themselves. People, who genuinely want each member to succeed.

Every Thursday when I go, I come back not tired of the day any longer. The energy these amazing group of people gives to each other is simply unbelievable.

And I ask myself… why is that?

I believe in energy that we all carry with ourselves. I am sure that when we are in between good souls people who carry the positive energy with them- the magic happens.

Every Thursday, this amazing positive energy generated by these people lifts me up. The speeches make me both cry and laugh. But what’s most amazing about these events, once again… is the positive energy everyone contributes… and lifts each other up. AMAZING.

Lesson learned?

  1. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who support you, who are also on the learning journey. The learning road is easier in between people who bright up the road with their smiles and encouragements.


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