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The ghost on your shoulder.

Today’s world is a world of opportunity. Anyone can be a blogger, anyone can be a fitness trainer- start up with youtube videos and have millions of followers within days.

Anyone can have access to vast amount of health information, make their own choices and manage their health in the best possible way. Anyone can be a singer-song writer and with the right tune power into social media. This is a pure world of opportunity. The only road blocker is one question that gets in the way.

Yet, who is that ghost on your shoulder that holds you back?

If you were not afraid- what would you do, where would you end?

Big question that Sheryl Sandberg often quotes in her speeches, and made it a headline for her first chapter in her “Lean In” book. “what would you do if you were not afraid”? would you jump of the cliff? NO.

I asked myself this question on different days and nights. But what actually does it mean? Should the answer lead to a grasp of courage? Should the answer say who am I? Should the answer tell me what’s the comfort zone I got stuck in?

It’s unbelievable how one question can be an avalanche of answers.

No wrong or right.

Just every time I ask myself- different answers pops up.

Should you be not afraid…. Where would you be tomorrow?

If you were not afraid.. where would the road take you?

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