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No idea? The brilliant IDEAS which avoid you.

No idea?

No idea what you enjoy doing?

No idea who do you want to be?

No idea what your talents are?

That’s all rubbish! The ideas are floating around you, knocking on the doors but they have the character-just like you! If you don’t give them a nice hug and smile- they will roll the eyes and steer their journey to somewhere or somebody else.

Now, you’re thinking… that’s rubbish.. what is she talking about?

Well, creative living does not need to relate to the common idea of art. Creative living is expressed through your day-to-day choices.

Do you take that Latte in the coffee shop you ALWAYS take? Why not have the courage to sparkle it with a nutmeg or cinnamon today? Maybe that new taste will bring some old memories or encourage you to visit the cinnamon field…

You open your Mac at work on Monday and check your emails as you usually do every day? Why not work a half-day without checking emails and focus on other tasks which have been forgotten in the overload of emails on Friday?

You love your friends and think this is just enough. Do you close your circles to the friends who give you comfort and don’t challenge your views? Why not sign up for a course/class where you gonna meet people from OUTSIDE your usual circles who may challenge your status quo and your usual way of thinking?

This what creative living is. Creativity is a great friend of courage. They thrive together and give hands one another. There is no creative living involved if there is no courage to challenge the “comfort”, the “usuals” and the “always”.

To welcome new ideas into your home and heart you must open the door. Make them a nice cup of tea, get them comfortable to visit you again. As you welcome the ideas and courage with smile and hug, they bring their friends with them. On the next visit, they bring friends called: Curiosity, Opportunity and Eureka! When Opportunity feels comfortable in your home and heart, then she is going to introduce to you her friend Joy, her friend Confidence. And finally, when friends of the Idea and Courage feel that you are worth the trust and are ready to meet their another very precious friend they also invite the shy, not very social friend, called Achievement.

To get this bunch of creative friends floating into your home and life, one by one, they need to feel welcomed. They need to feel, you’re ready for the visit and will welcome them with an open heart. However, if they ever smell through the chimney of your house that you’re often hosting Fear, Blame and Comfort they will think twice before they knock your door.

I got truly inspired by the great book on Creative Living “Big Magic” Elizabeth Gilbert (Author of Eat, Pray, Love). Buy here.

Although I first read the book in a paperback, I also have the download on Audible so I can listen as well whenever traveling, sitting in the park or walking to work, I keep reminding myself of the beauty of Big Magic and Creative living ☺

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