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Happy Mondays.

The commute journey on Monday has always been my reflection journey.

Option 1. Your brain is on fire and you know it's going to be a great start of the week.

Option 2. Something is not right, you thought like this before, the brain is not on fire- despite your morning home coffee- and an additional cuppa from Starbucks or so. Time to re-think.

Expertise and passion are the friends who enjoy the same path. There is no way that you love what you’re doing and you’re not an expert in your field. There is no way you are an expert in your field and you dislike what you do.

When this beautiful relationship ends- it’s the time when you either burn out or rust out.

You burn out when you want to do something but you don’t have the “know-how” and at the same time you are trying to replace the "know-how" with the extra hours you put into it rather than - spending the time with experts and learning the "know-how".

You rust out- when have the “know-how” but simply can’t be bothered because the love is gone.

There are times in our careers when paths splits up and the only way forward is to leave the path and move on. Then, you may have to go through muddy roads, one way paths and see the clouds overhead. But the change is bound to happen as long as you’re moving forward – because now, the only backwards journey is the burn/burst out path.

Have the courage to turn into a new path, and whatever you leave behind - leave the big shoes to fill.

And otherwise, I am assuming you're happy where you are so...

Happy Monday.

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