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I love living,  creating my life and sharing my discoveries. I am qualified performance coach, certified CIPD trainer, toastmaster speaker,  contemporary artist ,  talent hunter AND author of the inspirational self-published book- > "Dreamford". Thanks for popping in! :-)


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April 27, 2019

Travel the world and the seven seas…

But what for? Can you not stay home on your comfy sofa? Why travel? Why go far away?

‘What’s in the travel hat?’ someone once asked me.

It’s like asking someone, ‘What’s in the conversation with the unknown man or woman?’

What’s the poi...

March 8, 2018

Starting new life often comes with one decision, NOW.  It often comes with your decision to change your attitude of how you  look at present matters. How

do you WANT to carry on your life with what you already have and who you already are. It’s...

March 3, 2018

Lesson 1.

When people tell me  that they succeeded and did not fail I simply do not trust them. There is no success without failure. People who succeed are those who fail the most. Because they try the most. I admire people who keep trying, even if it does not work out....

February 22, 2018

Another Thursday evening. I am glad it’s Thursday, nearly the end of the week. I enjoy my day-to-day 9-5 job and love what I do. But as every human being I do get tired. In the evening after 6pm the only thing I want to do is to leave the office, go home, and do someth...

February 15, 2018

Today’s world is a world of opportunity. Anyone can be a blogger, anyone can be a fitness trainer- start up with youtube videos and have millions of followers within days.

Anyone can have access to vast amount of health information, make their own choices and manage the...

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