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Home made yogurt. (Yourgut).

August 29, 2017

Fermented food is my healthy-gut treat and healthy gut means healthy and happy you.  The “gut-feeling” is not an empty expression and I’d recommend to do a bit of research on it to learn all about the good work fermented food does to your gut and your mood. But as mentioned- my aim of writing is not really to persuade you about why fermented food is good for you.  (as there are medical/health bloggers who deal with this matter).  My aim is to share my ways of enjoying the healthy-gut fermented food.


And today the king of the table is home-made fermented-milk yogurt!


Firstly, refer here how to make fermented milk.

Once you have this probiotic pro-gut health goodie, simply chill the fermented milk overnight and at suitable time- mix it up with raspberries.


Once you master the skill of making fermented milk magic at home- try it with different fruits and enjoy the healthy magic.


StayHappyAndCarryOn :-)







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