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The Gluten-Free "Drama"

My gluten free story p1.

Why would you not want to try gluten-free?

  1. Because bread is a yummy-lovely-experience you’re having daily (actually possibly hourly if you like the snacking part of the day)

  2. You’re not gonna live forever so why would you scrap the awesomely crispy morning croissants! (Pret is calling).

  3. You’re feeling just all-right, so why would you bother?

Why was it difficult?

  1. Because I loved baking my sourdough on Saturday mornings and it was a struggle to make that decision to happen

  2. Just because it was. (ladies! Our favourite explanation)J

  3. I could not imagine non-bready breakfasts.

Decision Time!

Finally, my friend shared her story whilst my ears turned into bags of jealousy when I heard:

  1. her brain fog disappeared

  2. she felt like she had more energy “you’ve got the power”! (living in London there is always the power deficiency especially if you commute on Southeastern)

  3. could work out more at the gym! (my super expensive gym membership suddenly sounded like half-price as the 20mins of extrasweating would make the price-worth-paying).

The decision happened…

I announced to the world beginning of March, (on my above mentioned friend’s birthday-) I am GF!

It was not an easy start*** but to hear more….

Part 2. TBC so watch the space and look out for the HappyNews on FB and remember to sign up for below HappyNewsletter.

The below GF yumm bread receipe is soon to be revealed...

***it was painful start, I wanted to cry on day 2, called friends to support me and tell me I’ll do it, they told me I will not do it, so I did the opposite and did it.

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