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Nurturing Intuition and Wisdom: Empowering Women's Growth.

Imagine painting the essence of wisdom – a portrait of profound insight. What mental canvas do you use?

Ponder the words of acclaimed filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, who once remarked, "Mature women become transparent to the system and the environment at some point." This notion has etched itself deeply into my memory. Indeed, mature women are scarcely seen in the limelight of cinema, but they also tend to fade into the background in various aspects of life. Their struggle isn't limited to breaking into the film industry; they often become invisible in the hustle and bustle of daily life, no longer adorned with rosy lips and youthful physiques.

While I find myself still relatively youthful at 37, my grey hairs proudly stand out like towering fir trees in a forest. These are the strands that are untamed and rebellious, growing freely and defiantly. They refuse to conform. Even if I attempt to disguise them with dye, the silver threads are the first to reappear, serving as a reminder of their presence. Perhaps that's for the best. So, what exactly are these grey hairs? I like to think of them as the sprouts and seeds of something that has always been within us, hidden but also suppressed and disciplined. However, that time has passed. No longer should we hide or constrain it to fit in. With age comes a point when grey hair simply wants to grow, and nothing can deter it. So, what lies within those grey hairs? Wisdom.

The feminine power of your wisdom shines brightly.

Your greying strands weave a tale of your transformation from shyness, naivety, and insecurity into a form that no longer needs to conform. Never again. Your wisdom now emerges as a force so potent that it even intimidates the ego-driven world. Picture the sun and moon themselves gazing upon these strands, reflecting your wisdom's radiant light onto the world. In this reimagined world, time becomes your ally, bestowing greater strength upon your wisdom.

This is the image I sought to convey in my recent book, "The Sacred Mountains." Throughout its creation, I aimed to carve out space for more women in art, literature, and heroic roles. I aspired to illuminate the profound wisdom inherent in our female intuition. To some, however, female wisdom and intuition can be daunting, akin to thunder breaking the tranquillity of a sunny day.

Centuries ago, this wisdom was so unsettling to certain individuals that it led to the persecution and burning of women at the stake. The earthly wisdom of women resonated so intensely in their ears that it had to be silenced, reduced to smouldering ashes. Paradoxically, this wisdom must have been of great magnitude for them to believe that only fire could extinguish it – or so they thought at the time. To my surprise, after millennia of attempts to suppress knowledge and our feminine instincts, it appears they failed. Consider why, millions of years ago, massive fires on Earth gave rise to new forests, blooming meadows, and enriched soil.

Harnessing the Power of Nature Within You

This is rooted in the very essence of Earth's nature—to grow, to nurture life, and to provide nutrition for plants, animals, and humanity alike. Consequently, the earthly wisdom of women has never been entirely extinguished. Much like ashes that settle deep into the ground and, like the Earth itself, are reborn from great fires, the wisdom of wise women perseveres.

It lay buried deep, but the time has now come to breathe new life into it. Thus, we are reborn. No longer should you conceal your wrinkles, your grey hair, your true self, your craft, or your identity.

In my book "The Sacred Mountains," the central character, Lola, embarks on a journey guided by her instincts. She defies the advice of village elders, strays from the prescribed paths, and disregards warnings of a "treacherous journey." Along her path, she encounters kindred spirits—men and women of wisdom. However, it is the women who possess the magic and power in this tale, particularly the venerable grey-haired women.

An elderly Healeress extends her hand to the young girl at her first stumble. As Lola collapses by the gates of the first village she visits, an old woman returns from the nearby forest with a basket of greenery, flowers, and herbs. She dons a long purple gown, her flowing hair turned silver with age.

The elderly woman opens the village gates and welcomes Lola inside. Within, the village is adorned with bonfires and dried flower bundles hanging from fences. The air resonates with music emanating from houses, and as Lola walks alongside the wise woman, villagers peer from their windows to greet the traveller. A few days later, Lola she meets another elderly woman, who imparts a vital lesson about her herb fields.

Throughout the story, these wise older women emerge to guide the young girl into her wisdom. As she departs the village, Lola remains attuned to her instincts but remains naive. Only when she encounters her true mentors does she fully embrace her destined path, finding her place amidst the enigmatic mountain villages, bridging the gap between the forbidden and the familiar.

Fostering Room for Feminine Wisdom Through Your Creative Expression

Therefore, if you are a grey-haired woman, do not conceal yourself. Illuminate your wisdom. If you are an artist, provide a platform for feminine wisdom once more. Be it in the realms of art, literature, music, dance performances, cinema, or any other avenue you choose, grant it space. Embrace the wealth of insight they possess. Gaze upon the intuitive eyes through which the sun and the moon reflect their enchantment.

Picture a wise woman. How would you envision her now?

"I invite you to embark on a captivating exploration of intuition and feminine wisdom within the pages of my second book, 'The Sacred Mountains.' Discover the profound insights awaiting you within these chapters."

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