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Gluten Free Bread again :)

Gluten Free diet seem like a pain in the arse where actually it is not. It's super easy, once you commit to your home baking and home cooking. (or it's equally super easy when you live in London). I love trying new options and making things out of what I already have in the kitchen cupboards.

Last week, I tried new flour and that is tapicoa flour- it is naturally gluten free*. Plus of course one of my very favourite gluten free flours, which is an absolute queen among all the gluten free flours I have discovered and tried to date - Gluten Free oats flour.

I baked the bread last week: try it out and tell me what you think :) I love it for my Sunday breakfast with fried egg (mexican style) and avocado.

All you need:


450g gluten free oats flour

150g tapicoa flour

1 spoon of yeast

500ml warm water

1 spoon of himalayan salt

Step 1.

1. Mix flours with yeast

2. Melt salt in hot water and add to the rest of the water (total amount approx 500ml) so the temperature it's warm and not hot (it allows the yeast to activate)

3. Mix all.

Step 2.

1. Leave the mix in a warm kitchen for approx 1h 15mins.

2. Bake in pre-heated oven 200 degrees for first 10 mins and then 180. approx 50-60 mins. depending on your oven strength. (until golden colour appears).

Step 3. Let me know how was your baking. :)


* As I am not celiac I am ok to use naturally gluten free ingredients which don't have to be certified.

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