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Gluten Free Apple and Pear Crumble

There is something very magical about food markets. That's why I love Borough Market, and even though it's pretty expensive, I love having my Saturday wander around the market even when I have nothing specific to purchase. However, even when I have "nothing specific" to buy, when I go, I end up with a bag full of goodies. Borough Market is amazing if you are following a gluten-free diet or any other "free" diet in general. I looove treating myself there to amazing gluten-free carrot cake.. this is my soft spot. Looks Iike I am getting off the subject as I was to write a recipe for my APPLE&PEAR gluten free pie/crumble. (In my Polish dictionary we don't differentiate pie from crumble so after 10 years living in the UK I am still confused which one is which one). Oki dokie, here you go:

For pastry:

300g Buckwheat flour (always naturally Gluten free)

3 spoons of potato flour (always naturally Gluten free)

100g of brown sugar (or more if you like it super sweet, I like it a bit sour)

3 eggs (3 yolks, 2 whites).

1 spoon of baking powder

200g of sugar (half a cup)

For fruits:

3 LARGE (Borough Market size) apples

2 LARGE Pears

half a cup if sultans or raisins

teaspoon of cinamon

3 spoons of brown sugar



  • Mix all with your hands- is good enough

  • approx 170g of the dough put into freezer - whilst you are peeling and chopping the fruits

  • Fill the baking tray with baking paper, cover with pastry and put to the fridge for 10 mins (whilst you're doing the fruits).


  • Chop apples and pears (and don't eat too much whilst chopping as I usually do).

  • Heat in a pan with sugar, cinnamon, raisins- add pear at 2-3 mins later as they water quickly

  • Heat until fruits are slightly mashy and water evaporates

  • Heat without lid so the water can evaporate

All together:

  • Put the mashy hot fruits into the baking tray with pastry

  • Greater the slightly frozen bowl of pastry (as per picture) on the top of the fruits

  • Bake in 175 degrees for approx 45-55min until the topping is golden brown.

Enjoy, #StayHappyAndCarryOn, tell me if you tried/like it :)

Happy Day.


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