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Gluten-Free Panetone Cake


400g Gluten-free oats flour

2 eggs

Spoon of dried east

approx. 280 ml of milk

5 spoons of caster sugar

Pinch of salt

Half-cup of raisins


1. Warm up slightly milk (must not be hot- just slightly above room temperature)

2. Mix milk and 3 spoons of sugar and yeast- leave for 15 min in a warm kitchen ( if you have electric oven- put up the one of the burners of the stove and leave your mix in a distance - just so the air temperature increases.)

3. Rinse raisins in hot water- leave them in for 10-15 mis so the soften-up.

4. Mix up 1 whole egg, + 1 yolk (leave the 1 white aside), flour, yeast/milk mix, pinch of salt, 1 spoon of caster sugar, raisins

The texture should be pretty flexible - not too hard- so it allows the dough to grow.

Croutons Topping:

Mix 2 spoons of GF Oats flour, half spoon of butter and spoon of sugar. Mix with your hands and tear in hands into small pieces

The texture should be pretty flexible - not too hard- so it allows the dough to grow.

Growing time:

Leave the dough for 1.20mins (approx), in a warm kitchen. As per above- I always turn one of the burners/hobs on, so the kitchen temperature rises- and helps the yeast to activate. But ensure the mix is not directly at the stove/hob.

Once the dough nicely increased half of the volume. Spread the white over the doigh, and sparkle with the croutons.

Baking time:

Warm the oven to 175 degrees.

Baking time approx 45-50Mins.

Enjoy yummie slices with your favourite organic butter. :)

#StayHealthyAndCarryOn :)


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