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Gluten-free pancake recipe.

Gluten-Free Pancakes!

What do you need?

  1. Oats gluten-free flour

  2. Chestnut flour

  3. Gluten-free porridge oat flakes

  4. Pistachios

  5. Raw cocoa

  6. Raw honey

  7. Ghee butter (Or coconut oil if you’re veg)

  8. Half glass of water

Portion: 2 pancakes (just enough for myself as it fills pretty well).

Step 1. The Pancake mix:

Mix the below:

2 large spoons of Chestnut flour

4 large spoons of oats gluten-free flour

1 spoon of porridge oats

Approx. half-glass of water

The consistency should be like heavy liquid (see video).

Input approx. a teaspoon of ghee-butter onto the pan.

Pour the mix onto the pan as per video. Spread equally.

Swap the sides. Frying time- approx. 2 +- mins each side.

Step 2. Guilt-free chocolate sauce:

Mix a spoon of melted ghee butter and a spoon of raw cocoa

Step 3.

Decorate the yumm pancake with pistachio seeds, desiccated coconut, freshly made step 2 chocolate sauce and teaspoon of raw honey.

Step 4. Enjoy the yum yum gluten and guilt-free pancakes! :-)

To get my used ingredients click on the hyperlinks in the “what do you need section”.

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