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Gluten-free bread recipe.

When I gave up on gluten my biggest worry was of course bread. I used to bake sourdough on spelt flour and simply loved the baking art. So it was not an easy give-up but I decided to give it a go as explained in my earlier blog.

As I am very solution-focused I thought that there must be a way to turn my baking skills into a gluten-free baking success. So with the trial and error method, experimenting with different flours I came up with the below recipe which I keep modifying and repeating in different varieties. It’s simple and preparation (kitchen spent time) time is max 15 mins together with the washing bit.

Simply mix up:

  1. Chestnut flour (is naturally gluten-free)

  2. Buckwheat flour (is naturally gluten-free)

  3. GF oat flour (I buy certified as oats often gets polluted on the fields and production lines even though it is naturally gluten-free).

  4. Cup of gluten-free oats

  5. 2 spoons of GF yeast

  6. Half a cup of mixed seeds (sunflower, linseed, pumpkin)

  7. Spoon of salt

  8. 1¼ of warm water (not hot) ( ¼ of hot cup of water and the rest cold=just the right warm temperature to get the yeast growing).

  9. 3 spoons of olive oil (1 spoon for hand wash)

Mix up the 1-9 ingredients with your hand as per below. Move the dough into a tray covered with baking paper. Spill bit of olive oil on your hand to make the moving/bread shaping job easier.

Once dough is on the tray, shape it into a round shape. Cut in four as per image. And sprinkle with oat flakes.

Leave it for 30mins to grow in a warmed kitchen- I usually turn on the hob for couple of mins to warm up the air around.

Bake it for 45-50mins to light-brown colour.

Enjoy the yum yum.

You can shop for my ingredients used:

Chestnut flour

Oat Flour

Buckwheat Flour

Mixed seeds


Gluten-free oats


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