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Home-made fermented gherkins. Happy & healthy gut.

Saturday on its way! Get ready to go to your favourite food market on Saturday and kick off the weekend with home-made pro-biotics. To perform this pro-biotic home-made ferments magic in your kitchen you simply just need to get mini gherkins. Your weekend “happy gut” adventure is just a step away. It is the simplest, easiest and yummiest healthy-gut food ever!

Making fermented gherkins brings lovely memories from my childhood. I remember my grandma picking the little gherkins from the sunny fields and then “home-art”-ing them into wonderful fermented gherkins in few days. Skip the expensive pharma-made probiotics and simply make pro-gut health goodie in your own kitchen. And here is how:

Option 1. In ideal world you’d have:

  • Fresh garlic,

  • Leaves of horseradish

  • Dill-dried flowers

  • Salt

  • Horseradish root

  • Leaves from the cherry-tree! (yes really! My grandma would have had it all in her garden, and even nowadays my mum is still having all of it in our home garden).

(Please see the picture)

Option 2. In the London’s or city-living world just make it easy and still possible: (taste still guaranteed).

  • Garlic cloves 6-8

  • Salt (1 spoon-ideally Himalayan)

  • Boiled, cooled water

  • Bit of boiled hot water

  • Jar (1l or smaller- depending o how many little cucumbers/gherkins you have.

  • Salt to water proportion: 1 spoon of salt per 1l. of water

Ferments-art steps as below:

  1. Fill the jar with boiled hot water (2-5 mins)

  2. Empty the jar and fill with cooled boiled water*

  3. Melt 1 spoon of salt in hot water – you can do it in a glass, but please ensure that the glass was also filled with hot water before (this is to ensure purity of water and glass/jar used).

  4. Input the peeled garlic cloves and little gherkins into the jar.

  5. Fill it with the salted, ready water (cooled now).

  6. Wrap it with cloth on the top so it has air but is wrapped tightlt with tape/twine around so no flies can get into it.

  7. Enjoy your healthy gut and yum yum food.

  8. Keep it in the dark.

  • Check it daily, stir it slightly, top with tiny bit of salt on the top.

  • It is important that you stir the water everyday so the salt protects the top of the sauce/water from getting moldy.(in this case you need to throw all project out the window).

After 3-4 days you should be getting ready lovely gherkins which will keep your gut happy and healthy.

The length of time depends on the temperature but 5 days should be more than enough. As I normally can't wait, I start tasting my magic on day 3 :).

Below you can see fermented gherkins both on the 1) farm option and 2) City-living option.

Both options are super yumm, super healthy and good for your gut health and full of happy probiotics to keep you happy and healthy.

It tastes awesome with beef :-)

Happy healthy gut and #StayHappyAndCarryOn :-) :-)

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