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The GlutenFree Breakfast mystery resolved.

GF YumYumBreakfast

When you hear “gluten-free” possibly you think about all the compromises you’d need to make and how would GF commitment limit your food choices. After being GF for 5 months I am confident to call my choice- “energy-booster” rather than popular GF. I have no regrets, I love food and eating what I want. As my food choices were already balanced and focused on the non-processed food- the “energy boosting” GF style was welcomed to my lifestyle with an open door. I have loads of GF options now which I make at home… the most problematic one may seem.. what to have for breakfast?

One of the many options for GF breakfast is millet either flakes or grains! I love millet in all forms. Millet is naturally GF, and if you’re not celiac possibly you can use any millet – even the one without the GF certification. (Corporations often would not put GF when there is a risk of contaminating the grains on production line with others- however the core grain- still remains GF as given by nature). Millet is super tasty, filling, and a super natural food with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Below you can see my GF option for yummy & speedy breakfast. (Londoner's life...). It’s quick and you can prepare few portions on Sunday evening – and store in the fridge up to let’s say Wednesday… (then just warm it up with hot water).

  1. Boil millet grains (some sources advise to sulk it for few hours before boiling but I often skip that part).

  2. To speed up the boiling process pour boiling water into the grains and boil until water steams out approx. 10-12mins.

  3. Millet should be little crispy/mashy depending if you sulked it beforehand.

  4. Leave for 3-5 mins to cool.

  5. To make a nice shape-place into a glass square containers (if the millet is still hot). Round-it nicely with a knife and input from the container into your favourite plate/bowl.

  6. Decorate with whatever goodies you have: My favourite- as per below: little bit of organic, raw honey, desiccated coconut, golden linseed and blueberries/raspberries.

  7. Enjoy the yum-yum GF brekkie.

**I know I promised the recipe for GF bread.. I often make up things without special measurements so will try to measure next time I bake and will post-it here in the future blog posts.

You can buy my millet choices:

MIllet Grains (GF certified)

MIllet Grains (non-certified)

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