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Raw fermented milk recipe. (Yum) #Summer #Farmers lunch

Ferments became trendy in the "health food" revolution- however the reason I trust that they are good for me is because they are natural! I try to have a common sense in this food revolution news as I am aware that the food industry is also pushing for new trends to happen to simply boost their sales figures and often the "new superfood" has nothing to do with food.. however, my grandma has been a massive fun of fermented milk called "zsiadłe mleko" ("curdled milk") and so far she is 86 and doing well! My fermented food recipes are simple and nothing but contain what the mother earth has given us :)

Number 1. Fermented Milk ("zsiadłe mleko", "curdled milk")

Fermented milk brings very special memories of the childhood summer days on the farm. The recipe is super-duper easy:

1. Buy a raw milk (I buy at Borough Market 1pint).

2. Pour the milk in your favourite cup.

3. Add a bit of love and teaspoon of smile.

4. Sigh with a hope it will be hot outside.. (at the time of writing it's summer for god's sake).

5. Give it 4 days to enjoy the hot weather.

6. Leave it in piece of mind and don't be nosy. This goodie does not like to be checked-out, nor it likes micromanagement.

7. Follow the step 6 and deal with your life whilst the air is having fun with raw milk for approx. 4 hot days by the kitchen window.

8. Day 4- or 5( if you forgot because you stayed late at work or went on a tinder date).

9. Enjoy the results. You can just drink it, have it as on the picture.. with boiled potatoes (Farmer's lunch).

10. Chill in the fridge overnight and have it with honey and strawberries for easy breakfast.

11. Yum Yum time :-)

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