Live and grow.

Why am I writing about lifestyle?


To me, one of the very unique life skills we need to master is reflection. The ability to reflect on our thoughts, experiences and  behaviours allows us to grow, enrich our lives and carry on. It’s a powerful tool both in the happy, smooth times as well as when the life journey is going a grey and misty way.


Reflection then moves us towards change. I believe that change is inevitable. And if we’re not changing- we’re moving backwards. Heraclitus said Panta rhei  "all flows” and to me- to date, I have never heard a better description of what life is- it flows like a river. Whilst we were given the freedom to create the journey we want to travel we need to reflect, sometimes look back, and then keep flowing.

To raise to a challenge, change and continue being an active creator of my life- I’d also like to reflect on my experiences, share my thoughts and inspire you to continue creating a glorious lifestyle.

And because life is for sharing- happy reading! :-)



April 27, 2019

Travel the world and the seven seas…

But what for? Can you not stay home on your comfy sofa? Why travel? Why go far away?

‘What’s in the travel hat?’ someone once asked me.

It’s like asking someone, ‘What’s in the conversation with the unknown man or woman?’

What’s the poi...

December 28, 2018

Everything I did in 2018 I dedicate to my sister. Last year we waved goodbye to 2017, December 31st climbing Villarrica in Chile. Such a touristy thing to do!

Today, when the year nearly ends… I dedicate all I did in 2018 to my darling sister… my book of course.. and ma...

November 11, 2018

If you could do that one thing that you have been thinking of for a long, long time, why would you not start? Comfort? Fear? Procrastination? Something else?

October 14, 2018

Road trips are awesome. Lone road trips are super awesome. Picking up hitchhikers be can be less awesome or even more awesome; it all depends on who you get.

The best way to see what’s inside a hitchhiker's head, if you don’t want to be one, is to pick them up. To learn...

July 29, 2018

Few weeks back I was visiting my grandparents. They are the type of grandparents who always liked to tell us stories from their childhood, war and life overall. My granddad is 89’ man, living happy ever after throughout his life. He is a happy guy, young soul, always c...

July 21, 2018

I opened my junk email. GoDaddy renewals inform me about notice of the  domain renewal.  OMG!!! It's been a year!!!

I built my blog over couple of weekends last summer. For fun. To try it. I wanted to see how it goes long ago... I missed  2 maybe 3 Summers before....

April 22, 2018

I dreamed about Patagonia trek for a while. Once day, I was ready to make it, but the dream W Trek did not seem as I had imagined..

April 3, 2018

I love watching ted talks and am always on the road of finding new inspirations to the day-to-day life. Whilst there is sooo many great talks out there, today I am quotting Steve Jobs from his one of the many famous speeches “Stanford Commencement Speech”, 2005....

March 18, 2018

I wrote about falling, getting up  in my previous blog. But let me do it again.

I’ll tell you a secret here, which to those who know me personally it’s not such a  secret any more. I keep falling and I keep failing. BUT it’s fun. I know… you’re thinking how failing can...

March 10, 2018

Ideas are picky. The come to you for a reason or a  season but never stay for a lifetime.  They like to be nourished and hugged. If you forget about them, misplace or neglect you’re in trouble. Ideas have a character and may have a whim not to visit you any soon. They...

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