Why am I writing about food?


I am committed to living well and staying well.  As  Hippocrates said  "Nature itself is the best physician” I believe our job as humans is to take care of  ourselves and show respect to the body we received. Our body is the ground in which we harvest the beautiful garden of our personality and spirit.


My grandparents from both mum’s and dad’s side had farms so as a child  I loved spending my summer time there. At the time I did not care about food that much, I just ate whatever was given to me by my grandma or mum.  However, food- has always been very important part of my life in Poland. Needless, to say that the Polish hospitality is all based around food. When you enter Poles' household you will always be welcomed with a full table and if you refuse to try the householder's offer to eat that's simply speaking very rude of you (even if you're not hungry!)- e.g. my grandma would be very offended if you rejected the lunch or cake offered upon visiting her.


As the years passed by, I had forgotten about all the natural beauty of freshly ripped veg and fruit and home made food and instead, I endured the life of capitalistic eating.


For years, I had eaten whatever I was thought to eat.  But, in recent years, I started realizing that majority of the supermarket food  has nothing to do with food at all. Therefore,  my food choices have very simple recipes: to eat simply, and focus on non-processed food. Whatever I would not have found in the mother’s earth garden- I do not count as food.


I make exceptions, I am not perfect but trying to stick to the 80-20% ratio.

My recipes are based on the “non-processed” idea and ideally home-made.


I mix things, refer to the traditional farmers food (e.g. fermented goodies) and follow a gluten-free diet since March 2017.  I am not celiac or gluten sensitive diagnosed - so beware when considering my gluten-free recipes that I use the GF ingredients which occur to be gluten free by it’s nature - but not all purchases are GF certified.


The recipes on my websites are not a dietary advice as I simply share  my own ideas, what I eat- and what works for me.


Read more about my decision choices here. (more to come).

And because life is for sharing- happy reading! :-)


April 29, 2018

Gluten Free diet seem like a pain in the arse where actually it is not. It's super easy, once you commit to your home baking and home cooking. (or it's equally super easy when you live in London).  I love trying new options and making things out of what I already have...

March 25, 2018

I don't know how this ended up in my kitchen... I just wanted something sweet... Polish style brownie is something that you always have ingredients for = flour, sugar, eggs, butter etc.. so when I crave for something sweet.. and can't be bothered to go out and buy.. I...

March 4, 2018

There is something very magical about food markets. That's why I love Borough Market, and even though it's pretty expensive, I love having my Saturday wander around the market even when I have nothing specific to purchase. However, even when I have "nothing specific" t...

February 11, 2018



Gluten-free oats flower.


Mix the above- unfortunately today I did not measure the ratio water to flour as was super hungry.

Fried on coconut oil (although there must be better oil which does not burn so quickly)


Dried organic figs and pru...

January 28, 2018

This recipe is a bit random. My idea was simple: I fancy something sweet and I simply can’t be bothered leave my flat on this rainy Saturday. Therefore the only choice I had was to bake something out of what I had left in my cupboards. Here you go: Super easy crazy cho...

January 21, 2018

I am just back from amazing South America trip and I'll write about my Gluten-Free diet struggles whilst on travel- later on in my future posts. Being back- I am well excited about my home GF baking- and here is my  new square GF bread recipe:

GF Oats flour - 400G

December 16, 2017


400g Gluten-free oats flour

2 eggs

Spoon of dried east

approx. 280 ml of milk

5 spoons of caster sugar


Pinch of salt

Half-cup of raisins


1. Warm up slightly milk (must not be hot- just slightly above room temperature)

2. Mix milk and 3 spoons of sugar...

November 26, 2017

What you need:

Teaspoon of yeast (Flat)

500ml Buckwheat flour

4 tablespoons of Potato Flour (starch)

250mln of warm water

Teaspoon (full) of salt

Do it my way:

1. Mix up salt with warm water

2. Mix up the rest all together

3. Mix 1+2

4. Leave for 1.30 hour

5. Form the sticks

6. Ba...

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